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Szkolna 8
62-060 Stęszew
województwo: wielkopolskie
współrzędne gps: 52.278120,16.700101

NIP: 777-216-18-53
REGON: 634581730

nr telefonu: +48 602 712 998
adres strony WWW: www.haloberlin.com
adres email: infohaloberlin.com

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Have you ever got stuck on an airport with no means to return home? If you have ever heard about HaloBerlin, then you definitely did not experience that. The company offers airport transfers for people landing in Poznan, Poland or Berlin, Germany. Their buses travel from a carefully selected spot on one of the airports to the other city at regular intervals. Choosing their services means never having to worry about being late for your flight or waiting too long for a way to get away from the place you landed in.

Bus from Berlin to Poznan, Poland

If you need to rent a bus from Berlin to Poznan, Poland, get acquainted with HaloBerlin's offer. The company specialises in airport transfers, but you an also request a transit to the city centre. Each car in their fleet is a new model, equipped with an A.C. and comfortable chairs, all of which will greatly improve your comfort during the ride. The drivers are polite and willing to offer you assistance if you would need it. Choosing HaloBerlin will give you the chance to employ a reliable transit company at a very attractive price.

Oferta: Bus from Berlin to Poznan Poland

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